The Struggle Is Real

I have been a bit quiet recently as I have really been struggling and battling with my own mind and thoughts. The nature of having bipolar is that this will happen, I know that. I dread it. But knowing these periods of my life will happen doesn’t make them any easier to deal with. PeopleContinue reading “The Struggle Is Real”

I Always Love My Children… I Don’t Always Like Them

I love my children fiercely. I will protect them from anyone and anything, even if they may be in the wrong. But that doesn’t mean I always like or agree with their behaviour. Tomorrow I am hosting 2 Halloween parties. The first is for my toddler and the second is for my teenage children andContinue reading “I Always Love My Children… I Don’t Always Like Them”

What I Can’t Unsee

Why do men send dick pics? This is a genuine question that needs an answer! I mentioned in another post a couple of weeks ago I’d had a good date and we were going to arrange another. Well, he had gone a bit quiet on me, so I deleted his number and thought not aContinue reading “What I Can’t Unsee”

A Child’s Perspective

As I come to terms with my mental health and learn to understand it, I think about the impact it must have on my children. I’m general, we have a very living and open home life. They are my absolute world, I make sure they know it. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy, when livingContinue reading “A Child’s Perspective”

Worry Worm

Some days, like today, I am eaten up by worry and a sick feeling of impending doom. Sometimes I have reason to worry. Others, like today, I don’t. I will check on my children sleeping just to make sure they are still breathing. I will make sure the house is tidy and clean just inContinue reading “Worry Worm”

Mum Guilt

Why is it that being a parent brings irrational guilt with it? That guilt can then trigger my low mood as it kickstarts my inner voice. Wouldn’t it be nice to not feel guilty just for one day? Why do we feel so much pressure to be the perfect Mum? What even is the perfectContinue reading “Mum Guilt”

A Time for Liberation

Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I’m back there again. I’m 7 years old and standing at the side of the playground looking in as everyone plays on. I know I want them to notice me, I know I don’t belong. No one notices me. No one feels my pain. Throughout my entire life IContinue reading “A Time for Liberation”

Miss Overthinker

One thing that I am constantly told, by well-meaning friends, is to stop overthinking situations, scenarios etc. Well I can’t. It is that simple. If I could stop overthinking then I gladly would as it is one of the primary causes of unhappiness for me, but my brain never switches off. No amount of distractionContinue reading “Miss Overthinker”

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Some days adulting is really hard. You don’t want to get out of bed, your negative voice is shouting at the top of its lungs, you are over analyzing every conversation you’ve ever had and your brain is rapid cycling faster than concorde. These days are tough enough on there own… but then you throwContinue reading “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

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